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Monuments come in all shapes & sizes.  We are working on adding more pictures.  If you have questions about a memorial, please call us.

Traditional Monuments

Uprights are the most traditional monuments and come in a variety of sizes, shapes colors and price ranges. Traditional uprights are placed on a granite base that rests on a concrete footer.

Special-Shape Monuments

Monuments are available in all shapes & sizes.  Click the picture to view more custom shapes.



Slant monuments have a slanted, polished face surface.  Although this type of memorial comes in varying sizes, some families opt to place the slant monument on a granite base.  The base is optional.


Bevel Memorials

Bevel Grave Markers, also known as Bevel Headstones and Pillow Top Headstones, are typically 6" or 8" tall, but can be special ordered. The back of the memorial is raised slightly higher than the front (causing the bevel) and the top surface is polished.

Flush Monuments

Flush Markers lie flat to the ground. Sometimes called grassmarkers, these monuments come in a variety of sizes and sometimes cemetery regulations require flush monuments in certain sections.  Depending on the cemetery, flush may be set on on the ground or a concrete foundation.